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Tracker with WiFi4G Dashcam

Manage your entire fleet with easy-to-use Spectrum Tracking platform, increase your productivity and customer satisfaction, reduce insurance and maintenance cost.

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Family Connect

“Teens who say their parents set rules and pay attention to their activities in a helpful, supportive way are half as likely to be in a crash.”

If you are worried about your young driver's safety, you are not alone. We constantly receive inquiries on how to improve teen driver safety. At Spectrum, we offer the necessary resources to improve teen drivers' safety. You can keep an eye on their driving in real time with our Spectrum Smart GPS tracker. From your smartphone or computer, you will be able to determine their location and speed. If they speed, make a sharp turn, or engage in other risky driving behaviors, you will get email or in-app alerts. Examining their driving history is another way to encourage safe driving practices.

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