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Safety is our number 1 goal. Our GPS tracking service is trusted by thousands of parents and business owners

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We are a US based company that provides GPS tracking service for asset, people, and vehicles. With our GPS trackers you can monitor your teenager driver and receive alerts in the event of speeding or dangerous driving; you can track your kids/parents and reach them quickly in emergency; you can track your business fleet and know the mileage and fuel consumption; and you can track your valuable assets and get them back when stolen.


Spectrum Smart trackers are accurate to within 10 feet.


Our cloud based servers are up at least 99.9% of the time.


Only $9.95 per month without any long term contract. No cancelation fee. No activation fee. Pay as you go.

Easy to use

No installation is required. Just plug and play. Takes no more than 5 minutes to setup.

Easy to access

Access from your phone, tablet or desktop

Worry free

Free shipping and free 30-day return

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Main Features




Get the birds-eye view of your fleet with Spectrum broad set of reports and dashboards. View summaries of utilization, alerts, and maintenance, and improve your company productivity.


Track all of your equipment in 140+ countries in one place: on-road and off-road, powered and unpowered. Anything that you want to track can be tracked.

System integration

Robust inbound and outbound APIs let you connect your data to and from other applications. Powerful customization options mean that you can create integrations for anything you need.


Built-in flexibility means that you will not have to switch to another solution as your company grows and changes. Easily adjust the system to your changing business needs.


Set up maintenance schedules for your equipment and keep your equipment running smoothly. Import OEM maintenance schedules, or create custom inspections for anything you need. DTCs send alerts in plain English, so you know when you can keep going.

Assess Anywhere

Robust browser and phone apps let you manage your fleet from any place, any time. Work in the way that works for your business with complete inspections on a phone and manage work sites on a computer!

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