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We provide customized GPS tracking and telematics services. Our customers come to us for anything from tracking their teenage drivers to telematics and fleet management services. Convert your vehicle into a mobile office using our GPS tracker with WiFi Hotspot . You can connect your phone and tablet to the WiFi hotspot to surf the internet. Protect your vehicles with our 4G dash cameras . Provide video evidence in the event of accident. And talk to your driver in real time from your computer. Contact us now to start your 30-day worry free trial.

Business Telematics

business solution for fleet management
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Teen Driver Tracking

teenager driver tracking
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Advantages of Spectrum GPS Tracking and Telematics


Spectrum Smart trackers are accurate within 10 feet.


Convert your vehicle into a mobile office with our hotspot equipped GPS Tracker


Only $9.95 per month.

Easy-to-use technology

No installation is required. Everything comes ready to use.

Easy to Access

Access from your phone, tablet or desktop

Worry-free Guarantee

Free shipping and free returns within 30 days.

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Our Customers

Fedex uses spectrum tracking service
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Go Rental uses Spectrum Tracking Service
rotorrooter uses spectrum tracking service
fritzy pet care
Rapha International
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costavida uses spectrum tracking service
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