Bus Stop Camera

Kids and Senior Tracking

Know where your loved one is and have a peace of mind

Know Where Your Loved Ones Are

Easily monitor your child's whereabouts with our portable GPS tracker so you'll always know they're safe. Track your kids with a portable GPS tracker and know when they are.

Update every 30/15/5 seconds.

Convenient emergency SOS button that will send you an emergency alert should your child need help.

Receive alerts if your kids enter an unsafe area.

No More Waiting at the Bus Stop

Be in the know: You'll be able to see when they leave school and when they get home.

No more waiting at the bus stop: You'll be able to see what time the bus arrives.

Peace of Mind

Keep an eye on your parents with a portable GPS tracker so you can make sure they're safe.

Receive alerts when they need help with the emergency SOS button.

4G Portable Tracker

Track speed and location

One charge = 7 days of use

Email, text, and in-app alerts

Speeding and geofence alerts

SOS button for emergency

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