Safety Features

  • Real Time Tracking

    Track the speed and location on your phone or desktop in real time.

  • Speeding Alert

    Overspeeding increases risk of accident. Receive alert when driver exceeds the speed limit you set.

  • Geofence Alert

    Get notified when your kids leave or enter the geofence you set. Set up to 10 geofences.

  • Engine Start Alert

    Do not want your child to drive at midnight? Receive alert whenever engine starts.

  • Unsafe Driving Alert

    Harsh acceleration and harsh breaking are indicators of aggressive or unsafe driving. Get alert when it happens.

  • Route Replay

    Know where he was from replaying the trip.

Monitor Teenagers

Everyone is at risk in driving but young drivers are more likely involved in accident than other age groups. Monitor driver's behavior online in real time. Receive alerts in the events of speeding, and risky driving behaviors. Cultivate good driving habits

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Track Family

Care your family and always know where they are. You can set it up to receive automated alerts when they arrive home, doctor's office, or any places you set. You can even set up dangerous zones to receive alerts when they enter them.

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Have a peace of mind

Track them when they go to school, when they leave home, and when go somewhere.

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