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Use Spectrum Smart tracker to increase teenager driver safety

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Spectrum Smart GPS Tracker records the vehicle location and speed every 30 seconds. The app automatically updates in real time.

Use satellite map or streetmap to check if driver in safe area.

Service covers US, Canada, Mexico and 140+ countries. No matter where they are we keep an eye on them for you.


Smart GPS Tracker unlocks access to real-time driving insights.

Receive email and text notifications for speed, acceleration, hard braking, idle time, and more; better decisions can be made while on the road.

Route Replay to Show Where They Have Been


Monotor your vehicle battery, coolant temperature, engine health, RPM, and fuel level to identify problems before they cause you a headace

Receive notifications for engine errors, low battery, high coolant temperature or high RPM

WiFi Hotspot

Device has WiFi hotspot

Connect your tablet or other mobile devices

Make your vehicle a mobile office

Entertain your kids during trip

Download speed 5 to 80 MPS

OBD Vehicle Tracker

Track speed and location

Track fuel, mileage and driver behavior

Email, text, and in-app alerts

Speeding and geofence alerts

Engine diagnosis

WiFi Hotspot (optional)

As low as $8.3/month

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Spectrum Smart works for most vehicles made after 1996