4G+WiFi MDVR with G-Sensor

4G+WiFi MDVR with G-Sensor

4CH/6CH/8CH 1080P mobile digital video recorder with H265 coding/decoding technology.


Key Features

High Definition School Bus Video Surveillance Solution

1080p resolution easily catch a moving vehicle's plate number.

One front camera facing the road and one rear cam facing the cabin

Twin 256 GB SD cards. Each card can record 256 hours of video.

Automated data file download via Wi-Fi. No need to remove disks.

Talk with other drivers using the live streaming feature on the MDVR

Technical Description

A cost-effective and high extendibility, this dashcam was developed specifically for vehicle monitoring and remote video surveillance.

A high-speed processor HI3521D and embedded Linux system is combined with the most advanced technology of H.265 coding/decoding, 3G/4G network, GPS/BD, and Wi-Fi.

With the ability to support 1080p and720p while producing high resolution video recording, the dashcam has a vehicle driving record and video remote uploading. The central software can do remote monitoring based on alarm linkage, vehicle dispatch management, and playback analysis based on central database.

The dashcam has a built-in ADAS and DSM module, which can recognize fatigued driving, left-handed/unusual hand positions, smoking, making phone calls, lane departures, and other troublesome behaviors. It can capture and report all information − all it takes is an update to your preferences in your settings. This device is competitive in anti-vibration, rich function, high reliability, concise appearance,and it's simple to deploy.

Video and Preview

Video Input, Output, Signal standard 2-way 1080P input (built-in front and rear dual-view cameras)
1 built-in speaker (intercom, voice prompt)
Audio and video Parameters of the code optional H265, H264 encoding
Storage Medium Supporting two SD cards for storage, each one max support 256GB
Communication Port Supports 1 RS232. Can be attached sensor; Support 1 channel level input,1 channel output, can expand 1 channel analog output
G-Sensor Collision detection after parking; Support acceleration, rolloff, trigger alarm for collision condition


Audio Input, Output 4ch audio input, 1ch audio output. Independent intercom


Storage Midium Supporting one 2.5" SATA hard drive(max 2TB) and one SD card(max 256GB)
Video Recording at start up by default, supporting timed recording, recording triggered by alarm and event, as well as manual recording
Alarm recording 0-60 min
Playback channel Support local 1/4/6/8 channel playback

Wireless Transmission

3/4G/5G wireless transmission module, EVDO/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE ect.


GPS/BD: Positioning, speed detection, time synchronization

Power Supply and Power Consumption

Power Supply ≤6V, ACC on; ≥7.5V, ACC off
Input Voltage DC:+8V ~ +36V. If voltage is lower than 8V or is higher than 36V for a long time. The device automatically shuts down and enters the protection mode.
Output Voltage +12V@1A; +5V@1A
Power Consumption Max 30W consumption, about 10W in standby mode

Operating Environment

Temperature preheating: -20C ~ +70C
Humidity 8% to 90%


Dimensions 177(L) x 186.8(W) x 54(H)
Weight Net: 2.1 KG