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For fleet management and school bus operation you can add users and specify their permissions. This function is available from your desktop.

Login to your account and click Administration and then Add Users. For each user you can specify which vehicle(s) can he/she monitor. You can also specify which page can he/she view. For example, if you want School A user to only monitor bus number 123, you can put bus 123 to group A and select assign group A to this user and only give him/her Monitor permission.

Update (09/28/2019): You do not need to ship the device back. Our team release a firmware update that will fix the issue. We will contact you if we cannot update over the air (OTA).

There is a voluntary recall on some 4G devices. Contact us if you are not sure if your device is under this recall.

There is a major change in the UI for web app and mobile apps. On Replay page the trip information now automatically synchronize with the play button.

For those who do not need frequent update we announced the super thrift tracking plan. Under this plan you get update every 2 minutes without any text message alert. But you can still have unlimited email alert and free tracking platform.

This is the lowest cost plan available on market. No need to sign a contract. Just pay as you go. No activation fee, no cancelation fee.

real time monitoring
real time monitoring

Both IOS and Android apps were released with completely new interface. Now you can navigate among the 4 main functions seamlessly with your thump.

As a parent, you want to know when your child arrives at home or arrives at schoo. As a business owner, you want to know when your worker arrives. The stop alert will do just that.

Simply go to set alarm and turn on Stop Alart. You are all set.


You can get unlimited email alerts but there are drawbacks with email alerts. First, your email server may consider it is spam email and filter these alerts. Second, email is not instant message, it can be delayed. Once the email leaves our server, it is routed to your server. Then your email server will push the email to your mailbox.

Note here, your phone do not synchronize your email every second. Instead, it may take a few minutes to get the email from the email server.

Now you can get instant alerts on the Spectrum Tracking apps. It works like an instant message.

real time monitoring

Click Alarms on the menu. On the Alarm page, turn on the Vibration and Sound alerts. Next time there is an alert, you will hear a sound or feel phone vibration (when the app is running and you check the vehicle on the monitor page)


real time monitoring

Currently it is only through the browser on your desktop or phone. Set the schedule either based on mileage or based on time. Most cars need to change oil every 5000 miles or every 5 months. You will receive an email when it is 10 days or 200 miles before the schedule, whichever comes first.


Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Albert Einstein famaously said so. From the start of our company we strive to make things as simple for our customers as possible. The spectrumID is just one example.

real time monitoring

The spectrumID is an unique ID for your GPS tracker. It is typically 4-7 characters long and can be found on a white sticker on your device. You use the spectrumID to activate your device. When you call us or email us for help, it will be easier to find your device with your spectrumID

Why spectrumID? From the beginning we understood that user need an unique code to active the device. Two commonly used codes are the ICCID number of the SIM card, which is 16-digits number and the device IMEI number which is 16-20-digits long. We understand it is not only harder to put these 16 digits ICCID in but also easy to make a mistake. Look at how small these numbers are.

To solve this problem our team designs the simpler unique spectrumID. Each device has its own spectrumID. It is much easier to use. To make it happen, we walk extra steps to put each sticker on the device. It is labor intensive but we feel this is the right way to do to make things simple. Enjoy.

As promised last week, we released the new version of both Android and IOS apps this morning. Besides fixing a bug in the Android Replay, there are quite a few new features which are described below. Let us know your thoughts. Send us an email if you have suggestions to improve.

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A: Improvement on Find Me

  • If you click the ME icon map will center around the vehicle and ME icon.
  • Try other buttons
real time monitoring

B: Get notification of alert

  • Click set alarm
  • Choose your vehicle
  • Turn on Alert Sound and/or Vibration
alert setting

C: Replay a Trip

  • Check these buttons to show the detailed trip
alert setting

The last update of the Android app was more than a month ago. During the past month our team has work around the clock to improve the user experience with the android app. The new version is released this afternoon. There are lots of changes. Here I just highlighted the major ones. Take a look if you have not upgraded the app yet. Search Spectrum Tracking if you are new users.

A: The monitor page.

  • We add time and address of last vehicle stop and last engine on.
  • Add trip of day, month, and year
  • the Speeding, harsh acceleration , and harsh declaration is for the current day. Alert is the most recent alert. In the picture, it shows device was removed.
  • Click the green Route Icon to show detailed trip of current day
real time monitoring

B: Replay page.

  • click the icon #1 (calendar -, it is not battery ) to show trips of the previous day
  • click icon #2 (fast-backward) to show previous trip of the current day
  • click icon #3 (play) to replay one trip
  • icon #4 (fast forward) move the next trip
  • icon #5 (calendar +) show next day's trip
real time monitoring

C: How can I find my car

If you park the car in a big parking lot or in a park and forget the location of your vehicle. How can you find it? A recent function in the app will help you find your vehicle. The yellow icon is your vehicle (with driver name insider the circle) and the red ME icon is your current location. With this you can easily find your vehicle (accuracy is within 5 feet).

real time monitoring

The way the world is moving at the fast pace constant vigilance of your teenagers becomes a challenge today. Your teenage son or daughter might require the monitoring of a technological device for their safety and security. Thankfully GPS Tracking for Teenagers allows many benefits on the whole. With the help of this technology you can keep a monitoring of your vehicle which is driven by a novice driver who has yet to acquire the mastery of driving.

Since driving safe is an art which is achieved during the course of time not instantly. So at the time when the new driver is gaining control over the wheels they need to be watched for their speed to avoid over speeding. At the same time when they are learning the driving skills they also get the confidence that someone can track them anytime in the case of emergency. This allows extra advantage to the budding drivers.

real time monitoring

GPS for Teenage Drivers can be easily fitted on your Android or iPhone. You won’t need any type of specific hardware for it. The interface is also very user friendly which can easily be understood by even a non-technical owner of the mobile phone. Due to this native app you can easily keep tab on your vehicles while on the go.

The best part with GPS Tracking for Teenagers is that your unsafe behavior of the vehicle can be monitored without any extra expenses. It is very much economical as it comes for as low as $8 per month. So this is quite a surprising deal for you where you can watch your expensive machines at few bucks a month.

You cannot ignore the fuel efficiency with these monitoring devices. If you have given your vehicle for commercial purposes then the GPS tracking devices can easily reduce the idling time of the vehicle too. This can ultimately reduce consumption of fuel for your business. On an estimate the GPS tracking has the power to reduce fuel usage in your fleet of commercial vehicles by up to 20%. That means another feather the cap for your speedy trucks and cars.

The story never ends here. If you have installed the GPS tracking for Teenagers it can save crucial time of your customers. They already know where their consignment is. So accordingly they can plan and order more services for the business. Last but not least the GPS tracking can be used to improve production too. As you can monitor your vehicle all the time you can easily send the closest vehicle to the person who is in search of your trailer or container. This is how you can increase revenue by saving time.

We know your family safety has always been a challenge for you. The issue grows into a grim concern further when your whole family is on a move. The driver might be very much skillful but it is always better to keep a track to restore help in case of any emergency. The role of Family GPS Tracker comes here.

real time monitoring

This device can easily be installed in your mobile phones easily. The interface of this native app is also very much user friendly. All you have to do is take a decision to use the Parent GPS Tracking and you can know the location of your vehicle which is driven by the novice driver.

Knowing location of your vehicle is one aspect why you need Family GPS Tracker. Another advantage is the monitoring of the unsafe behaviors of the driver who is driving it. Your novice son or daughter might still be learning the driving skills so there are chances they can over speed on the road. It can lead to legal consequences which you won’t prefer at all. But with the help of this tracker you can monitor the unsafe behaviors of the drivers. Based on that data the driver can keep a check on their unsafe driving style to avoid any emergency.

The Parent GPS Tracking can also be used to reduce the usage of fuel. This is how your children can save over the daily expenses of their vehicle. In case you have employed your vehicle for the commercial purposes the tracker can be fruitful to reduce the idle time. As you are well known about where your vehicle has been stopped and for how much time, it can save the idle time for your business.

You can use the GPS tracker services for as low as $8 per month. This amount certainly is economical for the usefulness this device provides. You can keep a track of your vehicle driven by your novice drivers. It saves fuel and adds to fuel efficiency. On the whole Family GPS Tracker is necessary for your moving vehicle. It adds to safety and can be used to reduce fuel consumption. If you use the vehicle commercially, you can dispatch it as soon as it is required. This saves time and adds to the revenue. Still not decided to get a GPS tracking service for your car? Take the decision right now. Get a Parent GPS Tracking for the best interest of your children.

Are you looking for a precise data provider when you are over speeding on the road? Do you want to keep your parents remain carefree by sending your real time location on the road? Won’t you prefer to be safe by tracking harsh driving behavior of your driver? We think you can’t deny any of these useful services.

Luckily Real-Time GPS Tracker can help you in all these issues by tracking real time data given by the moving vehicle. With this useful device you can monitor real time the speed and location of any moving vehicle from your smartphone and desktop.

real time monitoring

The personal GPS Tracking Device is of great help in case of emergency. Letʹs say, your car has met with an accident and you want to dispatch assistance as soon as possible. With this device, you can get the exact address and GPS coordinates where the vehicle has met with an accident. This is how it becomes possible to send medical assistance in time. So this was the best advantage with this useful tracking device.

You can also track the driver’s behavior you have hired for your business. This Real-Time GPS Tracker will alert you that your driver is over speeding and getting that information via SMS or email, you can give corrective instructions to your driver.

Another useful feature of this personal GPS tracking device is the diagnosis of your vehicleʹs hardware performances at the time it is in the field. You will be able to monitor your batteryʹs level, coolant temperature and performance of your engine. Based on this real time data you can take corrective measures for the optimization of your carʹs hardware.

So what are you waiting for, if you have not installed one GPS tracker in your car, get it today. We at Spectrum offer low cost GPS services as low as $8.30/month. You can keep your teenaged kids safe by monitoring their unsafe driving behaviors. Order now, these days we are giving free fast shipping on all orders so buy now!!

Fleet tracking devices as the name indicates are almost useful for anyone who is in on the road. They give real-time updates and alerts on the basis of data sent from the moving vehicle. The advanced systems are able to tell you whether your car, truck, lorry or other vehicle is operating optimally or not. This system can help you in reaching your destination on time and absolutely safe.

There are many more benefits of GPS fleet tracking. If you have a transport business with multiple vehicles in the field at different locations round the clock, the GPS fleet tracking can help in optimizing driver output. How? Well, it will eliminate the idle time with the help of actionable data. The moment this data is reached to your office you can dispatch reactions. Overall, fleet tracking can be used to reduce the communication gap between the road and office. It helps effectively in decreasing the time driver spends between jobs maximizing the output for the day.

real time monitoring

How GPS fleet tracking helps? Well the GPS data received at the time your vehicle is on the move in coordination with vehicle diagnostics is done by a user-friendly software platform. This is how you can reduce fuel consumption and save revenue for your business.

Another useful feature, you can manage your fleet from virtually anywhere – any part of the world. So this is really robust, yes! With the help of GPS tracking devices you get constant access to your fleet’s location on your mobile phone. How? It is done by the mobile alerts in cases of excessive idling and unauthorized use. These alerts are sent via SMS or email eventually making you take decisions then and there. Safety also disturbs fleet managers. With these fleet tracking devices you will get user-friendly and data-rich dashboards that are easy to understand even for the non technical users. Now you can examine fleet’s safety behavior such as speeding and harsh breaking events. Based on these data you can take corrective actions to make your business safe for future. You have got the replay features to correct un Fleet managers can examine their fleet’s safety behavior, such as harsh braking and speeding, through user-friendly and data-rich dashboards. Managers can easily pinpoint problem areas and take corrective actions to minimize safety risks and vehicle depreciation. With instant safety event replay features, managers can reduce unsafe driving patterns through driver coaching. So this is something you won’t afford to miss, isn’t it?

One more thing that comes with GPS fleet tracking as a bonus, it is the ability to track and maintain compliance. These devices easily funnel ELD, IFTA and DVIR data with a single platform that reduces administrative work and making it compliant with the Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety. Looking at those strong features we are sure you would be looking for a trusted vendor dealing in GPS fleet tracking. In case you want details related to fleet tracking, let us know.

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