One-stop shop for telematics projects

  • Customized Business Solution

    We provide service to auto dealers and vehicle leasing companies, logistics companies, and school bus transportation centers. We manage your fleet to save on fuel and maintenance

  • Platform Branding

    We can brand our tracking platform and mobile apps so you can run your own tracking business. We provide IT support so you can focus on sales.

  • REST API and SDK for developers

    With our API and SDK you can integrate our data into your system. Full source code examples and excellent documentation are available - save time on your projects.

  • White Labelled Trackers

    Whether you only want 4G trackers for your projects or a complete solution we are the one-stop shop for your telematics project.

Success Stories

Louisville Insulation

Costa Vida uses Spectrum tracking service on their catering trucks

Gavins in New Zealand

Gavins in New Zealand Chose Our GPS Tracking Service

Meta Construction Technologies

Meta Construction Technologies Selected our Portable GPS Trackers for Fleet Tracking

For Vehicle Leasing Companies and Auto Dealers

We protect your assets with easy to install 4G GPS trackers. Our cloud based tracking platform makes it easy for vehicle leasing companies, car dealerships and auto finance companies track their assets. Our smart GPS trackers will track location, mileage, and driver behaviors. We give you the tools to reduce delinquencies, improve cash, and lower your repo costs and benefit your bottom line.

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For Fleet Management

We help you maximize your return on investment specifically to meet the challenges of your business - environmental, safety, fuel management, reporting – and we give you all the answers you need to grow your business, improve efficiency and reduce cost.

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For School Buses

Transportation center and school staff will know exactly where the school buses are with our tracking platform. Parents will know when the bus will be at the bus stop on their phone. No more long waiting and no more second guessing. Our GPS tracker can be used as a hotspot so you can connect your security camaras and get real time visual.

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For Small Business

Where you are construction company, moving company, or pluming company, our fleet tracking software helps you get to customers faster and respond quickly to customer emergencies. Provide proof of time on site and make service calls more efficient.

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For Logistics Companies

Our software helps you improve fleet productivity with fleet monitoring to help identify idle assets, improve maintenance scheduling and quickly adapt to last minute changes. Use Spectrum Tracking to plan for productivity with work order management, smart territory management and detailed job sheets for improved efficiency.

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