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Telematics FAQ

What to do if my device stopped working?
  1. Check to see if your device still has active service. If not, log into your account to make a payment. Service will be restored immediately.
  2. For OBD trackers, unplug it from the car and plug it back in to reset the power.
  3. For portable devices, check to see if it still has power. If it has no power, charge it.
  4. For portable devices, press the SOS button (the big button on the top) for 6 seconds. If it vibrates, it will send its location to the server.
  5. Contact us if it still does not work
Who is Spectrum Tracking?
  1. We are Spectrum Tracking INC.: A tech company based out of Louisville, KY. We specialize in GPS tracking for vehicles, people, and assets. Our goal is to provide reliable and affordable GPS tracking services to families and companies. Our plans start at just $9.95 a month, and we provide a variety of options to meet all of your needs – whether you're a parent or a business owner.
  2. Our products and services always provide a user-friendly interface if you have one vehicle or hundreds of vehicles. Comprehensive information is always at the tips of your fingers – all you need is internet access. You'll always be able to check on the people you love or the assets that matter from your desktop or smartphone.
  3. We've gained the trust of thousands of customers over the years. You're our priority, and you're why we do what we do. We're proud to meet your expectations and serve your needs.
Are you part of Spectrum Internet?
  1. NO. We have no relationship with Spectrum (the cable company).
  2. We provide gps tracking services for vehicles, assets, and people. In the future, we plan to expand to track pets and phones as well!
Is it compatible with my car?

Spectrum Smart works on most vehicles manufactured after 1996.

Do I need a contract?

There is no contact and no obligations. You'll be given the option to pay monthly or anually − you'll never feel “stuck” or “locked in” to anything.

Can I monitor the vehicle on my phone?

Absolutely! You'll be able to monitor your vehicle or fleet with our app in real-time.

Which network do you use for the tracking?

We use AT&T network in the US. In other countries we use partners' network in that country.

Do I need to be a part of the AT&T network to use your service?

No. You do not need to be on the AT&T network. You can still participate using T-Mobile, Verizon, or any other carriers.

What is the difference between your 3G and 4G models?

In the US we only carry 4G models because AT&T sunset its 3G network in February of 2022. But 3G models can still be used in other countries. Our 3G models utilize 3G communication while our 4G models use 4G communication modules. You'll see no difference in tracking between the two. Our products are created to work well with whatever module you have.

How to activate the GPS tracker?
  1. Go to spectrumtracking.com and then click Login . Click Register if you haven't already registered.
  2. Check your email to get the email varification code.
  3. Verify your email and login to your account.
  4. Click Activate Tracker on the navigation bar and then follow the instructions there
How to install the GPS tracker?
  1. Locate your vehicle's On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port.
  2. If having trouble locating OBD port, the CarMD website can help you find it.
  3. Plug in the tracker into the OBD port.
  4. Once the tracker is plugged in, the yellow LED light should light on, and start blinking slowly (every 3 seconds) in a few minutes, which means it talks to the cell towers.
  5. Now you are ready to use the tracker.
Can I register multiple vehicles under one account?

Yes. The platform is built for individuals and business owners. You can manage one or multiple vehicles under one account.

Can multiple people monitor the same driver?

Yes. You can create sub-accounts. Each account owner can monitor the same vehicle, replay the historical route, and print out the report.

Can I use one device on different cars?

Yes. Just unplug your device from one car and move it to another car.

Can I use the device outside of the US?

Yes. We strongly recommend that you contact us first before you order a device to use in other counties.

How to track my vehicle?
  1. Select your vehicle on the right side of the window
  2. The yellow circle on the map is your vehicle (with the driver's name inside.)
How do I replay the history route?
  1. Click the Replay button on the navigation menu
  2. Choose your vehicle
  3. Select the start and end time on the right side of the screen
  4. Routes will show on the map with locations of start and end
  5. Detailed trip shows on the left side of the window
How do I get a report?
  1. Click Reports on the the navigation bar
  2. Select the start and end time on the right side of the screen
  3. Choose your vehicle
  4. Trip report will show
  5. The major events, like when the engine started, shut off, whether or not it was speeding etc., will show at the bottom of your screen.
  6. Save data to an Excel file.
Why is there a delay?
  1. Occasionally, you'll see that your vehicle has left home but it doesn't show on the map. A delay of a few minutes in normal. In the winter, the device can take a few minutes to start, so the colder it is, the longer it may take.
  2. You might also come across this issue if your vehicle or phone is in an area where the signal isn't the best. This will also cause a slight delay. Don't worry − the saved data will automatically upload the second the signal improves.
  3. If, however, you encounter a delay longer than 5 minutes in an area with adequate signal, you might be experiencing technical issues. Please call our team so our engineers can help you troubleshoot. We'll get you up and working in no-time.
What kind of alarms can I set?

More than ten alarms will be available to you. Most of our users like the speeding alarm because speeding often leads to accidents. Our geofence alarm is also particularly useful. You can name your alarms and set up to as many geofences as you like to receive alerts every time your vehicle enters or leaves your set virtual fence.

Can I set up multiple emails to receive alerts?

You can add as many emails as you like. Separate them with a Semicolon ;

How do I update my credit card?
  1. Login to your account from either desktop.
  2. Click Pay button on the navigation bar and choose a plan.
  3. Make a payment
  4. Your new card information will be updated.
How to cancel my service?
  1. Login to your account from a desktop.
  2. Click the Admin button and then click Update Device.
  3. Click the first column of your listed device.
  4. Change Auto Renew from True to False.
  5. Click the Save button to save the change.
What information does my Spectrum Tracking device collect?
  1. GPS's location
  2. Speed metrics
  3. Fuel consumption and fuel levels
  4. Battery information from your vehicle
  5. Acceleration / Deceleration metrics
  6. Time engine start and engine off
  7. Odometer (if supported)
  8. When your device is connected or disconnected
Is the data secure?

Yes. The device securely sends your data using an SSL encrypted connection. The data is the database is always encrypted.

Do you share my data with others like insurance companies?

We do not share any of your information with outside sources or companies.

With Spectrum Fleet you get a top rated product, reliable service and comprehensive support that includes:
  1. A modern, intuitive interface.
  2. Reliable 4G devices compatible with most major service carriers.
  3. Responsive support team based locally in Louisville, KY.
  4. Dedicated customer success representative to assist you with onboarding/training.
  5. Flexible plans and payment options.
  6. Comprehensive, automated reporting on fleet usage, efficiency, and driver behavior.
  7. Fully integrated dashcams that offer live-streaming and on-demand playback.
  8. Integration capability with a number of other existing CRM/Fleet management systems.



With the constant evolution of mobile technology, telematics is trending for exponential growth. More businesses are recognizing the need to monitor fleet activity to control costs, boost productivity, improve accountability, and maintain full compliance with government regulations. Join Spectrum Tracking on the frontline of this expanding technology and always have the latest telematics technology at your fingertips.

Email us if you have other questions