Take total control with GPS tracking?

Posted by Spectrum Tracking on January 6, 2018

Fleet tracking devices as the name indicates are almost useful for anyone who is in on the road. They give real-time updates and alerts on the basis of data sent from the moving vehicle. The advanced systems are able to tell you whether your car, truck, lorry or other vehicle is operating optimally or not. This system can help you in reaching your destination on time and absolutely safe.

Benifits of fleet tracking

There are many more benefits of GPS fleet tracking. If you have a transport business with multiple vehicles in the field at different locations round the clock, the GPS fleet tracking can help in optimizing driver output. How? Well, it will eliminate the idle time with the help of actionable data. The moment this data is reached to your office you can dispatch reactions. Overall, fleet tracking can be used to reduce the communication gap between the road and office. It helps effectively in decreasing the time driver spends between jobs maximizing the output for the day.

Take control of your whole fleet with powerful cloud based platform

How GPS fleet tracking helps?

Well the GPS data received at the time your vehicle is on the move in coordination with vehicle diagnostics is done by a user-friendly software platform. This is how you can reduce fuel consumption and save revenue for your business.

Another useful feature, you can manage your fleet from virtually anywhere ‑ any part of the world. So this is really robust, yes! With the help of GPS tracking devices you get constant access to your fleet′s location on your mobile phone. How? It is done by the mobile alerts in cases of excessive idling and unauthorized use. These alerts are sent via SMS or email eventually making you take decisions then and there. Safety also disturbs fleet managers. With these fleet tracking devices you will get user-friendly and data-rich dashboards that are easy to understand even for the non technical users. Now you can examine fleet′s safety behavior such as speeding and harsh breaking events. Based on these data you can take corrective actions to make your business safe for future. You have got the replay features to correct un Fleet managers can examine their fleet′s safety behavior, such as harsh braking and speeding, through user-friendly and data-rich dashboards. Managers can easily pinpoint problem areas and take corrective actions to minimize safety risks and vehicle depreciation. With instant safety event replay features, managers can reduce unsafe driving patterns through driver coaching. So this is something you won′t afford to miss, isn′t it?

More benefit

One more thing that comes with GPS fleet tracking as a bonus, it is the ability to track and maintain compliance. These devices easily funnel ELD, IFTA and DVIR data with a single platform that reduces administrative work and making it compliant with the Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety. Looking at those strong features we are sure you would be looking for a trusted vendor dealing in GPS fleet tracking. In case you want details related to fleet tracking, let us know.