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What is the coverage of your service? We are proudly to use AT&T 4G network and it covers the United States, Canada, Mexico and more than 100 other countries. For the full list of countries covered, please check here
Do I need to pay more when I travel overseas? Your plan includes coverage of all these countries. No additional charge for using in other countries.
Any difference between your device and other companies' products? We are the leader in adopting 4G technology and our devices are based on 4G technology. Currently AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile start to phase out 3G. The 3G trackers will no longer be supported in the US. With the 4G technology, our customers will have no worry about the phase out of 3G network.
Does this unit give you an address if for example the car is parked? We want to monitor our contractors It tells you where the car is parked.
Is there an cancelation fee? No.
Do you offer grop discount? We offer discount for fleet management if you have multiple vehicles. Please contract us
What is your warranty? We offer a standard 12 month warranty for our devices.
How long does the battery last for the personal trackers? It depends on how frequent the location is updated. For 2 minute uploading interval, it can last for 1-2 days.
Is there an activation fee? No activation fee.
How can I cancel it? If you do not like the service or no longer need it you can choose not to renew it after the end of your current plan. We suggest you to use it for a month before purchaing a long-term plan.
Can I renew it automatically? You can choose the auto-renew option.