How it Works

For All Users
  • Smart Agent

    Read speed, battery, fuel, and engine diagnostic info from your vehicle ECU.

  • Smart Sensors

    Detect unsafe driving behavior with a 6-axis IMU sensor.

  • Smart Cellular

    Locates the nearest cellular tower to connect even when you travel overseas.

  • Smart GPS

    High sensitivity of -163dBm and error no more than 10 feet.

  • Easy Plug and Play Technology

    No installation. No wiring. It takes no more than 10 minutes to set up everything.

Real Time Tracking

  • Real time online monitor of speed and location from smartphone and desktop.
  • Get exact vehicle address and gps coordinates to dispatch assistance in emergency.
  • Track driver behavior and get alert in the event of speeding or harsh driving.
  • Monitor battery level, coolant temperature and engine health.
GPS Tracking

Geo Fence

  • Use geofence to mark locations which are important to you and your drivers.
  • Multiple geofences for home, office, or friend's house.
  • Get updated when vehicles arrive or when they leave.

History Route Replay

  • Replay history routes up to 365 days ago.
  • Show where/when the vehicle was.
  • Show locations and time of stops.
  • Show proof of service.
  • Show locations and time of speeding, harsh driving and engine idling.


Speeding increases fuel consumption and the risk of accident. Avoiding the dangers of speeding increases a driver's ability to adjust curves or objects in the roadway. It considerably extends the distance necessary to stop a vehicle.


Vehicle health

If the battery is low, you cannot start your car. This happens very often, especially in the cold winter. Get alert when the battery runs low so you can replace it in advance. Also, get notified in the event of high RPM and extremely high coolant temperature.

vehicle health

Colored Route

Color route displayed on the map help you easily visualize the various speeds driven during a trip. This can help you quickly identify speeding.

colored route

Trip Log

Trip log includes stop and departure time of each stop so you can tell the time of each trip. This will help you show the proof of service.

trip log