Most Asked Questions

The question typically starts like this, "my son left 3 minutes ago but it still shows the car is on the driveway." To understand the mystery let look at the tracking device first.

The GPS tracker is a micro-computer without a screen. It has a powerful CPU to communicate with the satellite, the cellular tower and your car computer system. It uses lots of power when it is active. Because the power is provided by your car battery, keeping the device on all the time can drain your car battery quickly. To conserve car battery we let the device sleep when the car is parked.

In the morning when you turn on the engine, the device is waked up. Just like our computer, it can take a few minutes for the device to fire up the cpu, connect to the cellular tower and connect to the satellite. This can take up to 3-5 minutes. During this period, the device will not upload data to the server and there is no update on your screen.

Once it enters the working mode, it will send the location immediately to the cellular tower and then transfer to the cloud servers. The servers then push the data to the internet and then route to your computer. At this stage the delay should be less than 2 minutes if you use the every 60 seconds update.

To find out exactly how much delay do you experience, you can do a simple test yourself on your phone. Open the app and click the people icon shown in the picture below. You will see a new icon shown on the map. This icon shows your current location. Put your GPS tracker in your car and drive a 5-10 minutes. You should see the ME icon is always ahead of your car icon. The distance between these two icons is the delay. Have fun.

1. Check whether you still have active service. From your desktop click the double-triangle on the left and you can find the service expiration from the table.

2. For OBD II tracker, unplug the device and plug back to reset the device.

3. Check whether the device has power. If there is power you should see the green light on. The device can get loose over time. If it has power the lights should be on. You can use an extension cable to better connect to the obd port.

About Us

Spectrum Tracking INC. is a technological company based in Louisville, KY. The company engages in GPS tracking for vehicles, person, and assets. We strive to provide reliable but also very affortable GPS tracking service to families and companies as well. Starting from $6.95 per month we provide various plans to meet different needs of parents and business owners.

No matter where you have one vehicle or hundreds of vehicles, our platform gives you user friendly interface and easy assess information. As long as you have internet access, you can get comprehensive information about your vehicle from desktop or smartphone.

Over the years we have gained trusts from thousands of customers. We are proud that we can meet your expectations and serve your needs.

NO. We have no relationship with Spectrum (the cable company).

Spectrum Tracking means we track vehicle, asset, people. We also plan to track pets and phones in the near future.

Things to know before the order

Spectrum Smart works on most vehicles manufactured after 1996 and newer. To our knowledge, Mack Truck is the only vehicle that does not work with Spectrum Smart.
Spectrum Smart 3G works in 140 countries. Spectrum Smart 4G work only in North America.
There is no contact. You can choose to pay month by month or year by year. But there is no lock-in contract.
We offer 7-day free trial for all devices. No need to pay during the free trial period.
Yes. You can do real time monitoring on your phone using our native apps. Search Spectrum Tracking in the app store.
No. You do not need to be on ATT network. You can on the network of T-Mobile, Verizon, or any other carriers.
As the name indicated, the 3G model uses 3G communication module and the 4G uses 4G modules. You will see no difference in terms of tracking functions between the two models.
Spectrum Smart can read your vehicle information from the OBD port and has build-in sensors to detect driver behaviors. Spectrum Simple is a tracker. It uses the OBD to get power but does not read your vehicle information.

Installation and Activation

  • Go to and then click My Account on the top menu to register an account.
  • Check your email to get the email varification code.
  • Verify your email and login to your account.
  • Click Activate Tracker on the left side of the navigation bar and then follow the instructions there
  • Locate your vehicle's On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port

  • OBD port is usually below the steering wheel.

  • If having trouble locating OBD port, CarMD website can help you find your vehicle's OBD-II connector port.

  • Plug in the tracker into the OBD port.

  • Once the tracker is plugged in, the yellow LED light should light on, and start blinking slowly (every 3 seconds) in a few minutes, which means it talks to the cell towers.

  • Now you are ready to use the tracker.
Spectrum ID is shown on the white sticker on your device. It is an unique code for your device and is typically 4-7 characters long. The main reason to use unique Spectrum ID is that it is much easier for customers to register than using the 16 characters long IMEI on your device. When you contact us, we can find your device with the Spectrum ID. So, keep the white sticker on the device.
Our company is based in Louisville, KY. All the tracker has an initial GPS location of Louisville. We welcome you to visit us in Louisville.
If your vehicle does not show in your location after 5 minutes, you can unplug the device to power cycle the device. Driving the vehicle for a few minutes will also help. If these fails to update your vehicle location, contact us either via email or phone with your spectrum ID . Our engineers will be glad to help.

My Account

Yes. The platform is built for individuals and also for business owners. You can manage one or multiple vehicles under one account.
Yes. You can create multiple sub-accounts. Each account owner can monitor the same vehicle, replay the historical rouote, and print out report. But the sub-account cannot make payment.

My Device

Yes. Just unplug from one car and move to another car.
The Spectrum Smart 3G has worldwide bandwidth and can be used in most countries. The 4G model curently can only be used in North America.

Track a vehicle

real time monitoring
  1. Select your vehicle on the right side of the window
  2. Current vehicle status including day mileage/month mileage and year mileage will show on the table.
  3. The time and location of last stop and last start will show in the table
  4. The yellow circle on the map is your vehicle with driver's name inside.
real time monitoring
  1. Click the yellow route icon or click the Replay on the left navigation bar
  2. Select the start and end time on the right side of the screen
  3. Choose your vehicle
  4. Routes will show on the map with locations of start and end
  5. Trip summary shows at the bottom of the map
  6. Detailed trip shows on the right side of the window
real time monitoring
  1. Click Reports on the left side of the navigation bar
  2. Select the start and end time on the right side of the screen
  3. Choose your vehicle
  4. Trip report will show
  5. Click the legen under the chart to show/hide the items (Mileage, fuel, etc)
  6. The major events (engine start, engine off, speeding etc will show at the bottom of the screen
  7. Save data to Excel files.

Sometimes your vehicle left home already but on the map it is still at home. It is normal for delay of a few minutes because in the winter the device takes a few minute to start. The colder the weather is, the longer it takes.

In areas that the mobile signal is not very good, the device will not be able to connect to the tower to upload information. This can also cause delay. The saved data will be uploaded when the connection is good.

But if the delay is more than 5 minutes in well covered area, then it might have technical issues. Please contact us so our engineers can help you to troubleshoot the problem.

real time monitoring
  1. You see a ME icon on the map. That is your current location
  2. We do not save your location nor track you at all. You are the only one to see your own location
  3. The ME icon shows the relative position between you and your vehicle.
  4. It is useful if you want to find your car in a big parking lot.


There are more than 10 alarms you can use. Most users use the speeding alarm because speeding often leads to accident. Geofence alarm is useful too. You can name and set up up to 3 geofences to receive alerts when the vehicle enters/leaves the virtual fence.
Most likely you have exceeded the quota. There are limited numbers of text messages for each plan. Use the email alert instead. There is no limitation on email alert.
Currently the email alerts are only sent to one address. But new alerts will show on the monitor page. We plan to push the alert directly to your app in the future so you do not have to reply on email anymore.


  1. Login to your account from either desktop or mobile app.
  2. From desktop, click Administration and then order service.
  3. Choose a plan and make a payment
  4. Your new card information will be updated.
  1. Click Order Service from the left navigation bar on the desktop.
  2. Choose a tracking plan from the drop-down menu
  3. Click check out and make a payment
  1. Login to your account from desktop. Click Administrator button and then Update Tracker
  2. Change Auto Renew from True to False
  3. Click update vehicle


    Our devices may collect the following:

  • GPS location
  • Speed metrics
  • Fuel consumption and fuel level
  • Vehicle battery information
  • Acceleration / Deceleration metrics
  • Time at engine start and engine off
  • Odometer, if supported
  • Device connect and remove events
Yes. The device securely sends your data using an SSL encrypted connection. And the data in the database is cnrypped.
No. We do not share any of your data with others.

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