Electronic Logging Device

  • FMCSA ELD Mandate Compliance
  • Diagnostic Ports: 9-pin J1939 & 6-pin J1708
  • USB Port for Easy Records Retrieval
  • Android & iOS Compatible
  • ELD + GPS Tracking from $20/month
ELD device

Easy Access ELog

  • Easy-to-use app can be downloaded to tablet to complete your ELD compliance solution.
  • The eLog compliant ELD solution accurately records and tracks Hours of Service (HOS).
  • Allows your records to be wirelessly transferred to your tablet for viewing by you anytime.

Benefits of ELD

  • Eliminate handwritten logs and save paperwork.
  • Receive warnings when critical violations are approaching.
  • Provide quick access to reports for roadside inspections.
  • Automatically change driver duty status.
  • Achieve 100% compliance with the mandate.


  • Total Fleet Location Awareness
  • Three GNSS Satellite System Tracking
  • Load Management and Tracking
  • Driver Load Scheduling Tools
  • ... and so much more!


  • Full-Featured Electronic Logging
  • Built-In Free Telematics Option
  • Three GNSS Satellite System Tracking
  • Built-In Six-Axis Accelerometer
  • Amplified GNSS Antenna
  • Instant Dispatcher Alerts