a journey
30th Aug 2017

Beginning of journey

The solar eclipse on August 21st interupted school bus schedule. Many parents waited at the bus stops for over an hour and were wondering where the bus is. One week later Spectrum Tracking was funded with the idea to help parents track their kids.

9th Nov 2017

First Demo

After more than 2 months of of sleepless nights we made our first mock-up demo to a school district. Using 2 simple GPS trackers we showed their buses on a google map.

12th Feb 2018

1st web app

4 developers, 6 months , the first web portal is ready. We moved our server to Google cloud. Now can monitor vehicle live from web portal.

20th Mar 2018

1st mobile app

Developing of mobile app took longer than expected. But finally we can monitor vehicle from smartphones. A milestone.

10th Apr 2018

Hello, Amazon!

We started to sell on Amazon. It is an overwhelming experience. Some customers called us at midnight for technical support. A man complaint that his wife installed a GPS on his car.

1th Sep 2018

Hello World!

We have customers from over a dozen countries now. It is great to talk to people from different countries.

17th July 2019

1000 customers

We reached 1000 customers!

10th Apr 2020

Crisis means opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic hit hard of the economy. We use this downtime to improve our apps with new functions like free text messages and unlimited geofences with arbitrary shapes.

20th Sep 2020

Chatting function

Chat with your friends or family members with spectrum app.

. .. ...

What is next?

We continue to improve our service and are eager to know your thoughts.