Spectrum SMART OBD2 GPS Tracker for Teenagers and Fleet Management


  • 4G OBD II Spectrum Smart
  • Track speed and location
  • Track fuel and driver behavior
  • Speeding and geofence alerts
  • Engine diagnosis
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Update every 30/15/5 seconds
  • $9.95/month
  • Group discount
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot (optional)

Spectrum SMART Portable GPS Tracker for Children, Seniors, and people with special needs


  • 4G portable GPS Tracker
  • 10 day battery life
  • Update every 30 seconds
  • Geo circle alerts
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Access from phone or desktop
  • Use in pocket, backpack, luggage, or glovebox.

  • $9.95/month
  • Group discount

All the features to
take care of your
car and everyone
in it.


With real time monitoring, you will have peace of mind in knowing you are never alone on the road.

Get peace of mind knowing you are never really alone on the road. Spectrum Smart automatically detect dangerous driving behaviors such as speed, harsh acceleration and hard braking. It will alert you immediately.

With so much that can go wrong on the road, know you can get 24/7 roadside assistance sent to your location, even if you are unsure of where you are.

Help authorities find your missing vehicle by connecting to an agent who can aid police in finding your car using its real-time location.

See how you score against friends and family when it comes to safety. Spectrum Smart creates a score based on your acceleration, speed, braking, and cornering while driving.


Hit the road with confidence by checking health of your car from your phone.

Hit the road without hesitation. You can check health of your car from your phone and detect issues before you go.

Never forget an oil change, tire rotation, or tune-up again. Set maintenance reminders and get text or email alerts when it is time to take your car to the shop.

Track activity of your car like you track your steps. Get vehicle location history, detailed stats by trip or drive, and vehicle data such as average speed, miles traveled, and so much more.


Stay connected with Wi-Fi Hotspot on the best network.

Turn your car into a mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot. Connect up to 8 devices to nationwide of the AT&T 4G LTE network, so you and your family can stream, game, and surf—all on the go.

Get notified if your car exceeds your set speed limit or crosses your custom boundaries, no matter who’s driving.

See where your cars are now and where they’re going. Whether parked or on-the-move, you’re able to view the location of all your vehicles in near real time.

Stay connected no matter where you are with location sharing. Share your location with friends and family—straight from the app.

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